Welcome Chico Delta Chi’s!

Welcome to the new homepage for Chico State- Delta Chi Fratenity! Please visit us frequently for current updates, messages and newletters.

ITB- Delta Chi Fraternity


6 Responses to “Welcome Chico Delta Chi’s!”

  1. Jamie Trevino Says:

    This completely and totally kicks ass. Tony, props to you man and way to get after it.


    Red and Buff color scheme.
    Calendar of events.

  2. Mike Parker Says:

    Nice work! I’m sure you could get some clean photos to upload. Thanks for taking the time Big Bro

  3. aaron McDougall Says:

    Great start. Per discussion regarding donations. Maybe create a donation bullet point listing our goals for short term and long term goals.

    I still don’t see the fallout page for donations.

    Keep it up.

  4. Miguel Rocha Says:

    Hello Chico Chapter, My name is Miguel Rocha and I am from the Hayward chapter. I got the chance to speak to some of you in the regional confrence, but I would like to see where you guys stand. I might be transfering this fall and I just wanted to now how many actives there are and how it is all going.

  5. Robert Macias Says:

    How often will this be updated. I would Like to know how things are going. Perhaps that is a question I should be asking the “E”. Keep up the good work.

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